Notice of Privacy


Identity and address of the person responsible for obtaining and processing your personal data

<COMPANY> (hereinafter "SUPER LLANTAS SATO SA DE CV" or the "Controller"), with address at <RIO FUERTE Y PRIV. INTERNACIONAL #810 COL. PALOS PRIETOS, MAZATLAN, SINALOA, MEXICO> is the person responsible for collecting your personal data, its use and processing, including, of course, its protection.

The purpose of this Privacy Notice is to define the scope and general conditions of the processing of Personal Data and inform the data subjects, so that they are able to make informed decisions about the use of their Personal Data and maintain control and disposal over it. Likewise, the Privacy Notice allows the COMPANY to transparently disclose such processing and thereby strengthen the level of trust of portal users.

What data do we collect?

The data that we may request from you for the use and processing indicated in this Privacy Notice are: a) Full name; b) Date of birth; c) Gender; d) Complete address; e) Telephone; f) Email; g) Taxpayer Registry Number (RFC), and h) Data of the bank account with which the purchase will be made (hereinafter the "Personal Data"). Within the Personal Data, there are no sensitive personal data, understood as those that affect the most intimate sphere of the data subject, or whose improper use may give rise to discrimination or pose a serious risk to the data subject.

What is the purpose of processing your personal data?

The Personal Data that you have provided to us and whose processing you have consented to, have the purpose of communications related to your order, purchase, and installation of the products that you may acquire through the portal, specifically: a) Order confirmation; b) appointment confirmation; c) making changes of any nature; d) cancellations; e) billing of the order (if applicable), and f) payment method.

On the other hand, the purposes that do not give rise to and are not necessary for the existence, maintenance, and fulfillment of the legal relationship between the Controller and the data subject are as follows: a) for advertising and marketing purposes to provide you with better service; b) inform you about new products or services; c) inform you about changes to our products or services; d) inform you about promotions; e) evaluate the quality of service; f) Generate and maintain the user registry, and g) prepare surveys, statistics, and reports on the services provided in order to keep internal control of such services, as well as to closely monitor them.

In case the data subject wishes to deny consent for the processing of their Personal Data for the aforementioned secondary purposes, they may at any time send an email with such indication to the following address:<>.

Data transfer

Your data will be shared only with the workshops responsible for delivering the products or performing the services. By providing your Personal Data to make a purchase, you are consenting to the transfer of your data in the manner and with the individuals stipulated in this section. If you want to limit the use or disclosure of your Personal Data after the delivery of the product or the provision of services, you can request it by email at the following address: <>.

The Personal Data in the database of SUPER LLANTAS SATO SA DE CV may be transferred and processed within and outside the country, by persons other than the Controller, companies controlled or controlling the latter, and/or its affiliated companies, in order to evaluate the quality of the service and conduct internal studies on consumption habits, i.e., for advertising and marketing purposes.

Means to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, or opposition ("ARCO Rights") to the processing, use, and disclosure of personal data or revocation of consent

You may access, rectify, and cancel your personal data, oppose its processing, limit its use and disclosure, and even revoke your consent by submitting your request in person or through your legal representative, through a duly signed written document delivered to the Data Protection Officer of SUPER LLANTAS SATO SA DE CV, accompanied by the following information and documentation: Name and address of the person submitting the request, telephone (landline and mobile), email, the document proving their identity, and attaching a simple copy of it, clearly detailing the personal data on which they wish to exercise the aforementioned rights.

The Controller will inform the Data Subject within a maximum period of 20 days counted from the date on which the request for the corresponding ARCO Right was received, of the determination adopted so that, if applicable, it becomes effective within the 15 days following the date on which the response is communicated. The deadline may be extended only once for an equal period, provided that the Controller justifies the extension to the data subject, which must be notified within the same period. For this purpose, the Controller will note in the acknowledgment of receipt delivered to the data subject the corresponding date of receipt.

The period indicated in the previous paragraph will be interrupted in the event that the Controller requests additional information from the data subject, given that the information originally provided is insufficient or incorrect to address it, or that the aforementioned documents are not attached. For this purpose, the Controller may request the data subject, once and within 5 days following the receipt of the request, to provide the necessary elements or documents to process it, the data subject having 10 days to respond to the requirement, counted from the day following the receipt thereof. If the data subject does not respond within said period, the corresponding request will be deemed not submitted. On the contrary, if the data subject addresses the request for additional information, the period for the Controller to respond to the request will begin the day after the data subject has addressed the request for additional information.

The responses that the Controller grants to data subjects who have exercised their ARCO Rights will be made by the same means in which the request was made, dealing only with the Personal Data specifically indicated in the request in question and must be presented in a readable and understandable format.

When access to Personal Data is on-site, the Controller will grant the data subject a period of 15 days to appear to consult them. After that period, if the data subject has not appeared, it will be necessary to submit a new request.

When the Controller denies the exercise of any of the ARCO Rights, it must justify its response, informing the data subject of the right to request the initiation of proceedings before the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data.

The exercise of ARCO Rights will be free, and the data subject will only have to cover the shipping, reproduction (simple copy), and, if applicable, certification costs of documents.

How can I revoke my consent to the processing of the data I provided?

You may revoke your consent to the processing of your Personal Data at any time by expressly requesting it by email to the following address: <>.

Limitations on the processing of your data

We inform you that the site uses cookies to provide you with better attention and services, being able to collect the following information: a) browser and operating system; b) most visited web pages; and c) IP address, among others. This information will not be transmitted, and you can deactivate cookies and other technologies if you wish from your browser.

Changes to the Privacy Notice

SUPER LLANTAS SATO SA DE CV reserves the right to modify this Privacy Notice without prior notice; these changes will be applicable at the time of publication and will be notified by email to the data subjects.

Acceptance of the Privacy Notice

By using the portal, I declare that I understand and accept the use and processing of my Personal Data on the terms of this Privacy Notice, which is subject to the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of the site.

Last update of this Privacy Notice: 2019.